People have to understand that America is a continent not a single country.

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    They kinda do but then they don't.
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    @gintko When you say America is about south, central and north, for example when someone talks about America and Europe in general.
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    america is a country
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    Did someone say America?
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    United States of------>America.

    Not gonna say the entire thing every damned time I refer to MY country just to make some south American country feel...I dunno...important?

    When we do refer to the continent we say the American Continent. It's not like we believe that we are the only country on this side of the globe. Truuuuust me. We are more aware of South America.

    I will say American Continent.

    I will not say United States of America when:

    A) the word America is already in the name of the country, being effectively used as an abbreviation(ask a linguist)

    B) do it because people think we are entitled and "they are Americans too". We fucking know you are Americans as well. What we don't see is why change the way we refer to somethin when it can be abbreviated.

    C) we legitimately don't care about south America

    People whining about this are no better than sjws
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    North America is a continent. America is not. Also, did you know that the place we know as Mexico is actually named " The United Mexican States"? (translated into English, obviously)

    I wonder if there is a naming convention here.
    Let's see:
    People's Republic of China = China
    Islamic Republic of Afghanistan = Afghanistan
    Commonwealth of Australia = Australia

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland= United Kingdom

    United Mexican States = Mexico

    United States of America = ???

    I guess the world may never know
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    @hackedranger United States of => which continent?
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    Only people outside the Americas call the United States, "America." People in the United States simply call it, "the US." We only call it, "America," when we're speaking dramatically.
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    @delc82 Well, it's not United States of North America. Which as I said is the actual continent. America is not a continent.
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    Indeed 3 continents!
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    @bahua Uhhh. Are you sure you’re American? Everyone calls it the US or the States here in Canada. I’ve only known Americans to call it America.

    I’m pretty sure also Mexicans and Central and South Americans would also never refer to it as America given that we all also live in the Americas.
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    I apologize for overlooking Canada. It happens far too often.

    But yes, I am certain that the vast majority of people in this country refer to it as the US or the states. Though usually people just say, "the country."
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    As far as I know,
    1. North America is continent.
    2. South America is continent.
    3. United States of America is USA|US.

    So when trump(and his every supporter) says, let's make "America Great Again". So they must be talk about both the continents including Mexico :3
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    You need more democracy lessons
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    I realize this isn't the place for it, but this is the perfect topic.
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    @sauronjs We would love Mexico to be great again, but that's up to the Mexicans.
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    Democratic people's republic of Korea -> North Korea.

    Republic of Korea -> South Korea
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