Just spent 6-8 hours or so trying to get image uploading to work with sending messages with firebase. Finally completed it.

Disclaimer: this might not make the most sense as I am completely drained mentally.

The issue was that I wasn't calling the send message method inside the upload image method. Meaning the images would upload but before I would be able to get the Uri back from firebase to put in the hashmap for the messages, the message hashmap would already be sent.

It was a pain in the ass to do. But 5 windows and 40 tabs later, then some doc reading. Then a quick break to eat. And some more stressing about my code. I finally realized that I should have just called the send message inside the incomplete listener in the image upload.

"uploadImage(), sendMessage()"= no Uri; :(
"UploadImage() { sendMessage() } = Uri" :)

PS: Yes, this is me talking to myself on my other account

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    This looks neat, have you pushed this on git?
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    @Zlytherin Not yet I will have it up later today and a beta/alpha tester version in the app store
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    @Tasperen app Store??? Isn't that android??

    Well kindly share the link to git when done..
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    @Zlytherin the Play store* my bad. Will do
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    @SauceBoss I have more plans for it so it's not going to be just a chat app. It's going to be feature packed later. This project is just a branch of a framework project that consist of other projects I will make in the future. They'll all connect together and have its own ecosystem. But yea after the messaging feature is complete, I'll work on the feed feature
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    @SauceBoss I plan on taking the best parts of social media apps and messaging apps and put them all in one app. And no worries
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    @Tasperen I'm really really loving your UI!!!
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    @Zlytherin Thanks. That's actually great to hear. I take time designing and try to make it pleasing to look at
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    Simple and clean look
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    @SauceBoss Not right now but I'm planning a Theme switcher
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