Small random update regarding my ISP and how they call your speed if you use all of your data.

I actually sent them a small complaint (more of a suggestion but) that 256 Kbps is just too slow even for a capped penalty speed and that at least 1 Mbps so that the internet is still usable but still slow... And mother fucker if that isn't exactly what they did!

It's nice being able to sync my code and have more than 1 device connected to the wifi at once... It's a strange feeling when a company actually listens to feedback and takes measures on them...

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    Lucky you... When I had capped internet they would throttle me down to 56kbps.
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    ISP capping internet speed is a thing?!

    I would understand if this was your cellular network capping off an overusage of their data. But an ISP capping off your internet connection?!

    Isn't a home internet meant to be used for the heavy duty internet usage? Like HD streaming and big downloads? Or am I just spoilt by the ISPs in the Philippines?
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    I think the world would be a lot better of a place if more companies were guided by having a non-toxic culture first.

    Blind maximization of profits is ultimately an anti-pattern
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    All except one mobile data provider in Germany slow you down to 12.5KB/s or less after the limit. And the one that has 10x that has a super unreliable network. So there's only one contract you can have if you want more than 14.5GB of reliable internet that is faster than 12.5KB/s and that costs 80€/month.
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    @uziiuzair we don't have an unlimited data cap so they only cap it once we blow our data
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