That‘s it, i finally deleted all of OS X from my Macbook and switched to Linux. And its really nice, clean and fast!

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    What distro you running on it?
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    Ohai 😊
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    If you have a Macbook newer than like 2015 or something, good luck, coz Linux doesn't work well on those (for good reasons).
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    Lol. Sad.
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    @piehole for me, linux doesn't work well enough on my 2015 model too 🤔🤷đŸģ‍♂ī¸â˜šī¸
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    @Electrux Yah, I mean, Macbooks are probably the most proprietary laptops. Either run Linux on some Lenovo/Dell, or keep OSX on your MBP. That's just the reality.
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    Why would you buy a MacBook if you hate OSX? I thought Apple's selling point is their OS
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    @lxmcf Kubuntu, sry not Arch ;) on my Macbook from 2014.
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    @Javanesse you mean you 'dont' use arch?!?!?!?!

    *Cries my meme filled tears*
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    So, you have one of the most expensive laptop with one of the best hardware/software coupling, and you use them with Linux? Why?
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    @fredd8y There are many people who believe Linux is better than OSX, for various reasons (privacy, freedom, power/ownership, etc.). I couldn't use OSX as my workstation due to user restrictions (I use Fedora), but as my home PC, OSX it is.
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    @Javanesse I didn't know you could delete a part of OS X.
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