When/how do nocturnal people interact with other people and get into a relationship?

It feels so lonely here.

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    Sleep is for the weak. just stay awake the whole time and you can meet people from both sides duhh.
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    No relationship , only programmer and gamer friends
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    We don't, that's the point

    @irene too bad that sleep preference is mostly determined by genetics, kinda hard to "fix" that
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    There's quite an amount of research about altering one's sleeping patterns. If that's what you want, read up on it. Otherwise, maybe move to another time zone?
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    @Krokoklemme @irene there is a genetic preference for "early" or "late".
    Yet I live against my internal clock during the week (which was very hard to establish) and get crap from my wife if I get tired at midnight during the weekend as well.
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    @irene "late" was working from 22-7h during a good portion of my studies.
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    @irene trying to get to that habit for years now. Success so far: dropping dead at midnight, still dead if woken up before 8:30.
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    Fix yo damn sleep! And by fix I mean go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time, every day.
    Yes, it's hard, but it pays off
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