Our company is cheap, cheap as fuck. We have to use some third-party platforms and every year they choose something that is slightly cheaper than the other. (like a few $ per annual), they do not know that we have to refactor our code at the backend because the changes of the platform.

It doesn't end there, they even look for devs from third world countries to work for them remotely instead of hiring permanent staff (I understand it is cheaper because of currency difference and etc), but what about the training period or to let them become comfortable with the existing system, even when he/she is a genius... it takes time to be productive at work.

The worst part is they dont give a shit, they think devs can be replaced easily just like some construction workers carrying stuffs on site (no offence to them), management treating people like shit and doesn't care when they leave.

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    Tbh they don't actually save money do doing those, they spent on services that are rarely use at the company and taking projects that took 3-4 months to complete but only brings back small income to the company.
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    Hiring offshore devs has always been a bad idea (especially from 2nd or 3rd world countries). It’s not just the communication and time zone difference, but the code quality is usually bad.
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