There are many, but in in particular,
There could many reasons, overpriced games, micro-transactions...
All of them can be described as "just business"
But one stands out and makes it personal, the reason I wouldn't just shoot the game-designer but stab him and watch him drown in his own blood.
It felt like they took all the mistakes the third game made, and continued to add some more.
1. The PS4-Version had so many performance-issues, it was pretty much unplayable
2. Instead of a good story, interesting characters and fun battles, we got an open-world.
3. Facial animations and voice-acting from hell.

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    EA raped every single of its franchises so far. But players still buy that shit, that's how a market works. As long as they do so, the crap industry will thrive.
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    I am really happy we have Rockstar and Bethesda 🤙🏼
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    ME Andromeda was a victim of bad budget and planning by management, please don't heap it on the designers and artists.

    Also, have a look at this if you really want to hate on EA, they've done worse crap. https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @RememberMe EA is run by marketing and sales - designers and developers don't have shit to say anymore. And that's the best way to make shitty but profitable games.

    They always aimed games at both casual (The Sims, SimCity) and hardcore (Battlefield, Command & Conquer) gamers. Nowadays, they try to aim everything at everyone, leading to each franchise turning into shit. Their craze with new, even more annoying (and useless) DRM measures that, frankly, add zero value for anyone who buys their games while being trivial to crack for anyone intending to do so, doesn't help either.

    At the same time, they try tapping into the mobile market - f2p, p2w as if they had invented the concept. They do, nowadays, as Zynga did in the first half of this decade and, if you ask me, they deserve the same end.

    So then: Let's boycott them, let's take them to bankruptcy.
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    @ilPinguino I think the blame lies on the consumers too for buying EA's games and supplying them with the data they use to take such decisions.

    EA is just a reflection of the baser side of humanity - just like the movie or music industries are (they've also gone to shit in general). You really have to hunt to look for good stuff now.
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    @RememberMe The good stuff, in my experience, comes from indie devs these days.

    But yeah - you can't blame the supply without looking at the demand. But that's our society.

    We donate to animal welfare, yet we buy meat from mass-slaughter meat factories.

    We donate to aid organisations, yet we buy products from corporations that exploit poor countries that need this aid.

    We donate to environmental organisations, but we keep that expensive car that drinks gas like yours truly drinks beer.

    We complain about shitty games, yet people buy EA products.

    People don't understand capitalism. They don't understand that, in a free market, you vote with your wallet. No need for regulation. Companies will offer whatever the majority wants.

    So support your local indie developer, pirate EA games (or just plain don't play that shit).
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    @dehood @irene I was going to say the same. Bethesda has been relying on their playerbase to fix every single one of their game. No exception. When you take a look at the feedbacks on Fallout 76, it's insane. The game is plagued with bugs with no more than bandaids on them (e.g. FPS capped because the game speeds up when you unlock them, come on).
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    @irene @ilPinguino I agree, indie ftw.
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    @RememberMe @irene @ilPinguino Speaking of indie, I can't recommend "Dead Cells" enough. If you have some time on your hands, do give it a try!
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    @Jilano thank you, will have a look.
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    @irene Oh, thanks! I think I'll take it with just the description: "Humanity is enslaved by an AI… which is awesome, because we’re on the right side of the conflict. [...]"

    @RememberMe Sure thing, mate!
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    Hmmm... I am a big fan of the Mass Effect Trilogy. I have only played the Andromeda Trial, yet. But from what I could see, I don't know what these exact "mistakes from ME3" should be.

    Mass Effect 3 is by far the best of the three, followed by ME1. ME2 comes somewhat thereafter.

    I guess this has a lot to do with personal preferences. I've already heard that quite a few people complained that ME3 is too full of Blah Blah, but for me it's what makes the story and the atmosphere.

    There aren't any problems with Mass Effect Andromeda on my laptop, although it only sports a Quadro M1200. I left everyting on auto settings and had no performance problems at all, while everything looked quite nicely.

    But then, 10 hours trial isn't exactly much...

    btw. Isn't "open world" totally hip these days? ;-)
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    @ilPinguino Sorry, but EA isn't alone responsible. I bought the Mass Effect Trilogy although available via Origin, because these are awesome titles from BioWare.

    I do have quite a lot games in my Origin library, but apart from the three ME titles, they were all free.

    ...but then, EA bought BioWare in early 2012, when ME1/2 were already out, and ME3 far in development.

    And then the EA "business plan" enforced publishing ME3 so early, that it came out unfinished and buggy. Took another 2 years and quite some (free) DLCs to fix that, but the damage was done.

    So yeah, fuck EA!
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