The list would be quite long.

I think Google is still making good tools, but just like Apple the integrations get all so tight and constricting... And with their data, if it goes wrong, it will go wrong hard.

I feel like YouTube is gliding into a state where cheap clickbait floats to the top and finding quality gets more difficult as well, their algorithm is more and more tuned to choose recent popular stuff over good older gems.

Microsoft is all pretend lovey dovey cuddling open source, but I'm still suspicious it's all a hug of death. I was never a big fan, but they're seriously dropping balls when it comes to windows-as-a-service, taking away so much personal control from end users even though they can't be trusted to babysit either.

Amazon is creeping it's way through the internet, charging $10/m to join the vip club infesting houses with spytubes to sell more plastic crap. Bezos' only right to keep wasting oxygen is BlueOrigin, but he'll probably fuck that up as well turning spaceflight into a decadent prime consumer orgy instead of something inspiring.

Facebook... Well, that's self explanatory. Fuck it, everything it pretends to be, and everyone who still has an account with a rusty spike.

Uber and AirBnB, with their fake ass mission of a green shared economy, but they trample over employees, customers and neighbors to build their ivory towers of progressive illusions.

Then there's a million declining brands.

I liked Skype for example when it was first released, Just like how I started out liking (and then hating) Discord, Slack, etc... They're all tools which seem fast and easy, but then they get us further away from solid protocols, get us entrenched into limiting, bloated and sometimes even dangerous tools. As my dad used to say: "Companies are like women, if you go for cheap, fast and easy you'll end up with a burning dick and half your savings gone"

You know what, fuck all tech companies.

OK, devrant is still pretty nice... For now.

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    So when is blockchain going to solve the corporate profit model and stop the inevitable decline of quality every single corporation reaches as it grinds out investor profit.

    Right? Blockchain? Or Ai? Or both?


    A blockchain A.I. or... A.I. blockchain

    I'm going to say blockchain again.

    Fuck I need sleep.
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    Maybe it's the ultimate fate of every successful company to become controlled by sales people.
    People who don't care about the quality of the product, the customer experience or the original , pure and naive mission.
    They prey on the stupid masses and care only about higher revenues.

    It happens to every big company, disregarding the industry it's in. Be it internet services (Google), gaming (Blizzard) or social media even.

    So, maybe it is indeed an expected outcome and some management ways need to be changed?
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    @Noob chicken and the egg

    are people now just stupider, have we gotten better at finding the stupid lazy people and tayloring to their needs with technology, hence raising a generation of stupid lazy people who press buttons and get distracted by shiny objects?

    or... an egg
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    Microsoft cant offer a simple RestApi, you always need to treat some random data and fucking atom
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    Agreed entirely, but what's the alternative? Where is quality these days? Solo creators? Open source? Both of these things tend to fall behind large fast-moving companies with major budgets. Or support and development stop as the solo creator fails to make a living with his idea and goes back to work on something that pays. Or the open source project loses its founder and the creative vision is lost with him.

    This is not to disagree with your point above. I am just interested in this subject and want to continue the discussion.

    For example, I fully support small "artisan" creators, entrepreneurs, developers. I respect their work and what they do. For example Inkdrop - solo dev working out of his apartment in Japan. Cool! But once my trial is over will I switch over from Evernote? I don't know.

    On the scale of Adobe and Autodesk only Blender has been able to really stand out.

    Maybe the root of the problem is that we seek out progress even when progress becomes detrimental.
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    Just use devrant 🙈
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    @konzeptraum Yeah that's kind of the issue.

    I think there's kind of an unsolvable problem in the fact that most quality products are both not free (paid) and not free (limiting).

    I'll gladly pay for good products, but I also want the freedom to change the product, to control how it works.

    But the reality is that monetizing open source is difficult, that fewer people will pay when payment is optional, and that it's much harder to grow a quality product with volunteers.

    Adobe Premiere is a much more stable quality product than KDEnlive, but it limits your choice of OS, and you have very little control over added or removed features.

    The compromise I like the most is the route taken by companies like gitlab & sentry: Offer the core product as open source for self hosting, and offer a paid hosted service for convenience. But that only works for SaaS solutions.

    In my opinion, this is the largest unsolved problem in tech.
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    For now. 😁
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    you sir, spoke my heart.
    Only if i had to add more to it, i would say apple.
    At one point of time apple was the core of innovation, but now their lust for money sees no bounds.
    I wonder if steve could have ever led that, allowing greed to take over innovation
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