Fuck people that do not show up on Mondays because"they're sick".

Thanks for extra workload of two more people on top of my already two-man job.

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    "on top of my already 2 man job"

    What are your thoughts of doing a 2 person job as the norm?

    Condolences to the team. perhaps a rethinking of hiring procedures and expectations is due.
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    @trollonaboat sysadmin team of one + barrister diary and workload management.

    nah, it's not gonna happen. Found out on Friday that we're getting car chargers installed which is going to cost thousands because we work in a listed building so any building work has to be super careful blah blah boring. And nobody drives electric cars in the UK so we're paying thousands for maybe one or two person that will use these per year...

    and clearly we do not have the money to spend on staff!
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    It's monday and i spent whole day in the bed after 3 day weekend 🙂
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    @trollonaboat I just wouldn't do a two man job. If you do that, then management sooner or later will make it a three man job until you either collapse or say no. Better say "no" early on in this vicious cycle.
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    @Fast-Nop there is no set 'IT' in my workplace. It's a small business that is not even a registered company. Very peculiar set up - most people do two jobs. I am leaving next year when my mortgage is up and I am moving countries.
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    Just be aware that sometimes people are genuinely sick, and Mondays are acutely stressful for employees with poor mental health.
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    @halfflat haha yeah I bet, 2/5 = 40%. :-)
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