Sit down at desk

Open VSCode

Stare are my code for a good 5 minutes

Get up

Goto kitchen

Make extra strong cofee

Drink. It. All.

Sit down

Re attempt to decipher last weeks code.....


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    Godamn devrant snipped off my one tag! Guess it was too long

    *wtf is this Anctients hieroglyphs im looking at and why does ot look like it can open some portal to some other planet?!
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    Meanwhile all I have to do is convert a Powershell script to C# 😂 glhf brethren
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    All I did by now is creating a batch file with a line of code to activate socket.io easily on the local network
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    Documentation. Documentation. Documentation.
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    @TheCapeGreek PS cmdlets are built in .NET, shouldn't be that hard?
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    @silkfire Pretty much, but that's my assignment right now. It's mostly done.
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    @jacoKotze what language are you using bro?
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    C#, python, php and javascript are my main ones.
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    The most scary thing in this rant (besides Mondays) is the 'goto' in the fifth line
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