Drug dealer : yo, you code right?

Me: yeah, why

Drug dealer: can you hack into the police station.. You know, see if they are checking me out.. If they know I'm dealing.. I'll just move

(I've never hacked but I know i could learn if I have to)

Me:... That's actually brilliant

I love in a small town at the moment.. I bet the police security is a joke

Kinda high risk though

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    Don’t, hacking goverment has never worth it
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    As someone who... um... has experience: Don't.

    Especially not if it's your first hack. You will do something wrong. If you're lucky, it'll just be an attempt. If you ain't, you'll succeed, but leave a trace.

    If your country has other police authorities (federal perhaps) that are better in regards to data forensics / infosec, possibly the local cops would call them to investigate. That's standard practice in many countries.

    Not sure where you live, but attacking the cops is a surefire way of getting your ass into jail (perhaps second to carding goods to your home address. Which got someone I used to know arrested).

    Offer to set them up with a hidden service instead. That way, you might be able to keep your name out of it depending on your country's freedom of speech laws.

    NOTE: I'm not a lawyer. Even if I were, I have no idea where you live. Don't get yourself in trouble.
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    I would never do this, was just curious.

    Kinda stupid now to even consider in hindsight

    Thanks @devtea @ilPinguino
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    @rant1ng Considering stuff really isn't bad. As long as you're reasonable enough not to do it.

    Hacking is an awesome hobby (and not every programmer can hack - it's completely different in some aspects, you will have to rethink old patterns that you're used to) and the world desperately needs more hackers - just the good kind. The curios, funny, chaotic-good kind.
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    Hiw did you know he is a drug dealer?
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    @hubiruchi I was shopping
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    @gintko ... and an accomplice on the defendant bench in court.
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    Also if you where to do something stupid like this the first error is telling it to anyone, especially not worth in a public forum like this
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    I would never do this.

    If I did.. This post wouldn't exist.

    Or is that the perfect cover... Hmmm
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    If you want and like to poke around and see what security holes you can find then I suggest you look into ethical hacking, which involves contacting the involved party first and arranging a written agreement in which they permit you to try and hack them, as well as agree on how destructive/intrusive measures you can take.
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    Drop that trojan USB Stick in Front of the police Station.... And you're in.
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    ++ for supporting your local drug dealer :) also: don't believe a word he sais xD
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    Sounds like a sting operation to me !
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    "Kind of reminds me one conversation like this:

    F - my cousin’s drunk friend who’s sth like gopnik, basically does drugs, drinks and looks for problems.

    F: so you’re good with computers?
    M: yeah, kind of
    F: i watched this documentary movie, where they sell drugs online and police can’t track them. Do you think you could create some network like that?
    M: are you talking about deep web? That’s not entirely secure, you would need a lot of equipment and effort to completely hide your tracks...
    F: just think about all that money we could make. Come on, let’s do it. You will do all technical part and I will take care of drugs...
    M: ...

    So, yeah, somehow, just having fun at my friend’s I became IT consultant and almost a business partner of this brilliant business idea :D"

    Pretty much my situation once a month haha
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    Fuck em all. Go for it!
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    I’m actually quite surprised, how many “don’t do this“ comments popped out, this community is great :)
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    Would've been a good idea if you didn't post about it online first 😉
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    @Noobish I thought only programmers can see these rants

    if (actuallyADeveloper())
    return page;
    fuck off
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    you can try if you wanna stop @rant1ng for a few months

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    Plot twist... He's an undercover cop.

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    I hear it is how most crimes are solved..
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    Just don't. For starters, people underestimate security and overestimate their own capabilities every time. Especially beginners. Secondly, your biggest threat isn't something code related, rather it'd be from people you know who can't keep their mouths shut. There is no way for this to end well. Don't do it.
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    Their is better than hacking.
    Just leave the drug dealer and don't consume...
    That's fucking stupid
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    @M1sf3t Why this emojis ? What i saied is true. Personnaly, i would just stop smoking and then the problem is resolved.
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    Look at how long the jail time is if you get caught. Not worth.
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    Lol, I made a bash script for this kind of situation called “give-me-advice”:

    #!/usr/bin/env bash

    “Drug Dealers”
    “the Police”

    for PERSON in ${PEOPLE[@]}; do
    echo “Don’t talk with ${PERSON}”
    echo “Don’t hack for ${PERSON}”
    echo “Don’t hack ${PERSON}”
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    > wait til you get out

    And want insurance..
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    It only affected me for the first year, couldn't get house insurance with anyone.
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