Apple... Isn't it obvious?

They once built machines and software that were tested and ready for customers but they went into a direction where saving money and generating more income has the highest priority.
The more recent the version (hard- and software) the more unstable it became. On top of that the crap they produce gets more expensive each iteration. I do own a 2015 MB Pro, that's it. I used to own:
- iPhone X
- MB Pro 2017
- Apple Watch
- Apple TV
- iPad Pro
... All at the same time ... But I sold everything and switched (back) to Android and Linux and no tablet at all. The MB Pro I own is just my travel notebook because of battery life.
I'm very disappointed of Apple's strategical direction and that's why I'm boycotting it as good as I can.

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    What rustles my jimmies is that the never mac's harwade is all soldered for no reason.. there are thin and light laptops that have upgradable ssd + ram at the same or very similar thickness, for example lg gram if I remember correctly. For other apple hardware... i wouldnt ever buy it personally. Nothing except macbooks have anything going for them, IMO.
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    @CoffeeNcode Thanks, I wanted to dive in deeper but 1st: I'm currently at work and 2nd: I'm not an English native speaker ^^
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    @gintko I totally agree with you, these are the reasons why I initially went with Apple... It just works (It worked) ... But now it gets buggier day after day and every little thing costs money and everything must be original else it won't work properly... I still use my MB Pro and I'm trying to keep it as long as possible, but it just gets boring
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    Their opposition to right to repair is intolerable.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I would disagree with you here. Had an iphone - never again in my life. Macbooks at least have unix, very good build quality, premium screens compared to similarary priced thin&lites and pretty good batter life, good trackpad. Never bought a mac, but got one to use for work so i started liking it a lot.
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    The hardware being soldered and glued into place has nothing to do with security. The genius bar employees frightening customers into buying new hardware instead of honestly giving repair options has nothing to do with security. Apple issuing cease and desist letters to repair shops for publishing hardware schematics to assist customers in repairs has nothing to do with security.
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    @FrodoSwaggins that is shitty design. You should be able to use the same id sensor and just change the screen.
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    @FrodoSwaggins i mean it's personal prefference, but using i3wm is still making your life harder for yourself, if you want that and like that, I'm happy for you. It's more l33t h4ck3r type of deal than real life usage, you can use vim and other tools in all unix systems.Your point about amd64 is weird, what are you suggesting to use? Arm?
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    Unless of course you want to keep that possibility open for revenue. If we can legally stop our customers helping themselves, then we're printing money.
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    TRUE I bought an iphone 7 two years ago, worst decision in my life GODDAMNIT but android is so shitty next phone will be a flip-phone
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    Welcome back to the light side. Its never too late to repent.
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    Lol relax ! Dont strain yourself cause of Apple's business strategy.
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    @clax Seems like you haven't understood what the weekly rant is about, hm?
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