They’re doing amazing things but they are just too big now... Too much of a monopoly and the data is scary too.

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    And for the people who'll go like 'i have nothing to hide anyways':
    A monopoly is not only about the privacy argument, plus, when a company which has a monopoly fucks up with a very big security thing and closes a social network because of that but especially hides the goddamn fact (which is entirely illegal over here), my trust in the company is indefinitely gone.
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    They were doing amazing things
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    @linuxxx oh wow I didn’t know that that was why they shut down g+! I didn’t even know there was a g+ data breach.
    Wow that’s just bad.
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    @FelisPhasma A fuckup made that anyone could see anyones data, whether they set it as private or not.
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