I don't think that we should "like" or "hate" a company. Because a company is just another construct. Companies (unless specified as non-profit) exist to make money and as such, do not care about human tendencies like compassion or ethics, and certainly does not care if you like or hate it.

If a product is good and is of benefit to me, then I will use it regardless of which company makes it.

Of course, in today's climate, finding "benefit" is really hard. Example: Google's product and services are great, but I'm giving away my data to what is essentially an advertising company.

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    Disagree for the most part. They have to care. Else they would not invest so much on P.R
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    @AleCx04 But they do that not because they care about the customers but because they care about the bottom line. Investing in good PR ingrains their product into the mind and your subconscious, and makes their product stand out against competition that offers the exact same thing.
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    @nurmuhammad that is marketing. PR is to convey the positiveness and good appearance of a company towards a public. A P.R team will refuse in a lot of cases to work with shady companies.

    Not saying that what you mean is wrong. Companies as a goal just care about money making. That is true. But they have to care.
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    Yes, like you said - they care because they *have to*, and that makes all the difference
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    I am actually annoyed by the fact that some companies, mostly those most frequently used, do not let you choose how you want to pay for there product. This is like denying all payment methodes exept one. Who the hell still does this?
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