There is this local cloud service provider I used to like, since the promise was "it's from Africa" woi, they don't know shit. We tell then to open port 8888 ssh and 8899 since firewall is configured on their side, they close all ports then you can't ssh into the server. They take another 2 hours to fix that. Later on we change our ports and then tell them to change some ports, they open and close all ports (we discovered again because we were locked out again and had to d an nmap to see what was happening). Apparently the staff we we're talking to didn't know much about configuring servers only the senior management knew (I think to cut down costs), then we tell then to terminate services but they decide to bill us for another month (bullying) and gave us a warning letter from their lawyer for not paying for that month and since we are a small startup, we can't afford a court case which will drain us cash so we had to pay for shitty service and some month arr angry

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