YouTube... for video creation.

Now I know I was a really amateurist video maker trying to make tutorials and videos about his coding creations in Mugen (you know, CNS state controllers and stuff,...), but this is the kind that's hard to get views from if you don't have a reach long enough to appear in search pages. I've had fun tagging my videos with plenties of tags just so they appear someday as a relevant result. EVEN in search pages for videos in the week, they barely appear and are sunk under videos of your Nth Mugen KOF clone with broken chars, Mugen ryona, Mugen hentai,... Speaking of which, did you know someone got to one of my videos from one of these?! How does YouTube's recommendation system work at this point?!
In the meantime (more like recently), I've been more interested in Ikemen, still kinda Mugen, still a DSL for a game engine, but still fascinating and there's material for tutorial making. But if I ever went back on video making, that won't be on YouTube. I'll just stick on Twitter and Discord if I were to share my content. At least, I got people following me there and a base visibility over there to start with. I could consider forums as well, why not, but YouTube is a no-go for me now.

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    my googlefu left me, what is mugen?
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    @groenkek A 2D fighting game engine customizable from the characters to the stages, with screenpacks as well. The editing is done by changing parameters in text files or making state controller blocks for characters and stuff, for the most part.
    Ikemen is a Mugen clone, but it supports netplay, and the source code of the program can be directly edited, making it much more customizable and implementation-friendly for new features.
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    > Mugen hentai
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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