so I'm in a quandary, I'm in a place that gives me lots of freedom and the room and respect to implement my ideas and i get lots of praise but the pay is not very good and the technology is old, i have quite a few opportunities to move for much more money, better technology and training and guidance but then i would not get so much freedom.

I'm a mid-level full-stack c# but I'm spending more time in meetings and writing business cases/documentation than i am coding these days plus i have noone to teach me better practices or tell me off for sloppy code apart from myself.
i would like to stay in my current place - they have been very good to me and are pushing to meet my needs but i will be putting in a lot of effort by myself to push the technology forward.
i enjoy the challenges but i want to make sure my coding skills are always improving.

so I'm thinking either stay and force myself to spend time creating personal git projects / work on open source, or just leave.

also any recommendations on open source projects to get started on?

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    Had the same problem on my previous job. I have set a critical date to leave it and started to learn as much I could, like a mad monkey. Two years later I got a job as a senior, so it was worth every short night of sleep that I have sacrificed for my skills. I have also learned that:
    1) You are responsible for your own knowledge, not your company.
    2) You are responsible for your own career, not your company.
    3) Majority of quality knowledge you will get in your spare time, not in your job.
    Good luck whatever path you will choose.
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    See if you can improve the technology at your current company. If you continue to see your skills becoming stagnant look elsewhere while keeping your current job.
    What is the freedom you have now that you will lose elsewhere.
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    @Jumpshot44 @maxon thank you both for the advice. I met with the new job boss and it looks like a really good opportunity. My managers knew something was wrong so they had a meeting with me and we spoke freely about everything.. Today i was showing off my pocs to the ceo.. Been a crazy week and now I've ended up with too many things on my plate in current role... Happy days...but tiring and stressful...but happy
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