I don't even know if this should be a rant or a good thing, but here it goes:

my boss smokes (legal) weed in the office, under the AC, so the smoke goes up and it spreads all over the place => we all get a bit stoned

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    It's called sharing
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    @Jakuho yeah, but most of us don't even smoke and it's not a good thing to smell weed when you enter a place for business
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    @ZioCain maybe it is, stoned clients are easier to manage.
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    Hm. So you know how the balmer peak is a thing? (That alcohol consumption point where you get better at coding, but many times worse if you drink too much?)

    I wonder if there's a similar point for weed?
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    I guess so, been coding a little high one time, felt super focus and wrote a stable mini-app in one afternoon.
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    Working at Tesla, huh?
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    Even though i smoke myself, I'd still complain

    That stuff doesn't belong into a business environment, especially not when it can affect people that don't want anything to do with it

    That's one asshole of a boss tbh
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    I'd try to talk him out of it, sue him since weed smoke makes me sick to the stomach and probably leave the compay. These are no working conditions <.<
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