Check out Gotify! (if you want, of course)

I'm not involved in the project but it's pretty much a self hosted and fully open source pushover alternative which is NOT dependent on Google services.

Going to try it out tonight :D

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    Sounds great! Thank you

    Edit: Here's a link for the last ones: https://github.com/gotify/server
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    I think I know what you wanna use it for ;)
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    @CoffeeNcode Keep it secret for now ;)
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    @linuxxx sure, but maybe react to Signal? xD
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    Its 12:20 AM and I'm tired so forgive my stupid question:

    Sending and receiving messages as in Signal like thingy right?

    But why is he demonstrating messages sent over the API in his description? This means we can make a script that sends this for us? For example on success build?
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    Interesting thing. Unfortunately it lacks some of the functionality of gcm, like sending notifications to particular users...

    Also interesting: https://f-droid.org/en/2018/...
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    @CoffeeNcode I'll give you a cookie and a half glass of milk if you tell me his secret...
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    @kolaente Yup, but anything is better than GCM imo :)

    And yes I read that, I'm a heavy tutanota user and use the app a lot; it works great!
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    @gitpush Yes, all you have to do is get an api key/token which you can include in the url you're calling and then you can send simple post requests with the title/message included, it works great!
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    @linuxxx sweet, thanks man I'll check it out 😀
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    I actually set it up on my server a couple of days before I found this rant. It's been working out great so far, sadly I can't use the Android app yet because of a bug.

    But nevertheless I already created a plugin for weechat that pushes my IRC notifications to Gotify, if anyone is interested: https://github.com/flocke/...
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