Doing a full rewrite from some DIY spaghetti framework: when it can't find a search query it returns "false" with the status code 200, the same php file responsible for querying an external api is put into all sorts of named folders, so e.g. a user that is in the results page X can continue searching on the same URL, instead of doing proper url rewrites or ajax calls to the one in the root directory, html is thrown into every other php line, a DIY sort function for a numbers array that fails to sort 0 before 1 and that all is just a 10 minute review, can't wait to see the rest.

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    Sounds fun. just curious, what is the usual price for a rewrite of suck magnitude?
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    @hash-table well I don't have to handle API, there's no database etc. it is basically a fancy frontend for an externally maintained API, so you can't really compare it to what I did before for e.g. $20k, this is is currently at an estimation of $5-7k, depending on what else will go into the new system once it is rewritten, will up the price easily too.
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    just trying to get a handle on what prices are in the freelance world. I was thinking you were going to say $500 and I was gonna be like :O

    What is the timeframe that it takes to do something like this?
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    @hash-table hard to say for all or even on average, but for this one I expect to be done in a week or two, not working anywhere near 8 hours a day on it either.
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