No... No... No!

The game engine is not in charge of code optimisation, if your program runs like ass; it is 99% going to be your fault...

Sick of seeing people judge engines because of the poorly optimised things made in them by half assed developers... Why do the good things never get any attention where the shit gets all of it... Why?!

(Just had someone crack the shits at me because I'm not using a 'real' engine and am not a a 'real' developer because I'm not using unreal... So I'm in a fan-fucking-tastic mood after that :-D)

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    There is way too many "game devs" who only know how to work with unreal engine and think its the only good engine. They have done no fucking research. Not to bless ubisoft to heavens, but what they did with anvil and rainbow six siege is pretty damn insane, not perfect, but damn insane.
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    @SandervDoorn people just seem to blame the engine for everything, like Bethesda are copping flak because they are going to continue using the creation engine and that upsets people... They clearly don't understand the monumental task it is to create or migrate to a new engine...

    @gashadokuro I agree, prefer Unity anyway, feels more professional
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