My C adventure is going horribly. So I stopped. I took a second to breathe then looked at my current resources decided to use the 2 books i have as references to learn from as well, then found a reasonably long YouTube guide so I can have someone verbally explain something, and I have a friend and a few places I can now ask questions if I need it. So yeah I'm pretty confident now.

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    I like your name :). What are you usually coding in? C may appear difficult if you are not used to low level programming but is also a lot of fun (and yeah also frustration) once you get the knack of it ;)
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    @irene it's just so different, and strings. Although strings arent as bad as everyone makes them out to be
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    @SortaBubbly well right now I'm just learning it but I'm going apply it to microcontrollers, python, games and other stuff that it would be good for
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    https://beej.us/guide/bgc/... Highly recommend. Only reason I felt comfortable programming in C.
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    @AmyShackles oh thank you I'll be sure to use this!
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    @irene I know and it makes sense but I have to adjust.
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    Yah.... I use Youtube for all my learning.
    First Language mainpage, look at resources and Docs;
    Then watch a few youtube tutorials;
    Then start working with Docs and sheatsheet open on second screen.
    Usually works for me.
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