Error logs...

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    Rust: *proceeds to have it both ways*
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    @beegC0de Rust fucks you at compile time until it is correct
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    Fun fact: C++ can also do bounds-checking. And common STL data structures are pretty safe if you use them the way they're meant to be used.

    Comparing a raw C array to the huge Java equivalent is kinda pointless.
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    @RememberMe You're right. This is just for fun :D
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    @Mbithy You must be offended and a normie too. Just thinking out loud.
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    @Mbithy what is the basis of your judgement? Index out of bound can be as simple as miscalculate a single digit.

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    @iskandergaba exactly
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    Python: *LITERALLY* right fucking here. Here's a traceback, here's anything that happened due to or that caused it...
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    @Mbithy That's a very common error for professionals too. IndexOutOfBounds doesn't mean you were fucking stupid and tried to take the 5th element of a 3 long array. It could mean your incredibly complex algorithm spat out a number too large and it indexed an array incorrectly.
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