I'm a node JS developer, but I basically don't use Typescript but with the whole buzz around the technology, I feel I'm doing something wrong by not using Typescript and refusing to learn it. What do you think?

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    I don't think that TS is a must but it helps yourself but also fellow developers to figure out the workings of your code. Thus: a plus but not obligatory
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    @julkali my thoughts exactly

    Not a must-know, but straight up refusing to learn it isn't a smart move either. Look into it, maybe mess around with it a bit and then decide if you wanna learn it or not. It certainly doesn't hurt knowing it

    I'm not a web/node dev tho, just giving my general opinion on such things
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    If you use it and don't use type any you can read your code like a book...
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    If you want to waste loads of time tracking down stupid ass bugs keep using js. If not the typing system in typescript will make your life easier in the long run
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