Just imagine 🤩💔

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    Why would you have a ; in js you don’t need them
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    I confused. Is that a jokes?

    But it's not funny :(
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    Any half-decent editor/IDE will warn you about that. Moreover the two characters do look different in many fonts.
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    Solution: Don’t use semicolons
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    npm i semicolonjs

    Thank me later.
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    I don't use semicolons in my js code... Haha.
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    All js code has semicolons, the only thing you have control over is if you're gonna place them where you want, or just hope that JavaScript is able to figure it out itself...
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    @tpanfl thank you.
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    First thing I’d do is remove the semi colon if that’s what the error says is the problem ...
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    This is the most common programming "joke"

    It wasn't funny five years ago.
    It certainly isn't funny today.
    Five years from now when you're reposting this for the hundredth time, desperately fishing for a single "lol" because you've been ostracized by society, it still won't be funny. Instead, you will be shunned, and people will begin to tell stories of the boy who cried semicolon.

    You will die sad and alone.
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    @Root hahahaha. That was funnier than the original post
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