Ebay is great to find cheap laptops. However auctions always give me a false sense of happiness when no one bids higher than I do for 4 days and then 15 mins before it has to end I get outbid by 10 people?!?!?

Anyway bought a used Thinkpad x200 for 25 bucks, added in an SSD. Sweet.

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    Ebay is great for all sorts of stuff. 2W laser diode ? Nahhh no problem. Even tho its hard to find and you need a licence. Just crazy.
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    @FrodoSwaggins holy crap I did not know that! Thank you so much, I’m gonna fucking try this on my next thinkpad :D
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    @irene @rads23594: FYI, this is called "proxy bidding"
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    To me auctions are scary because of that and so i just go for the buy it now options lol
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