Recently, at 2am, he even called me and asked for some doubts on other topic, I helped him too. Turns out such he was such a cheap person.
Let him call me next time...

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    Were they publicly on github? Just fuck him telling whoever accepted the papers that is plagiarism!
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    @magicleon i'm for that too -- lets get him fucked up 🤗 dirty Thief!!!
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    Sue him, he probably broke the license of the projects. If you have any license except for WTFPL or the Unlicense he broke the agreement.
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    Bust his ass for plagiarism. Don't stand for that shit. He's not just hurting you, he's hurting programming as a field. Fuck him up.
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    Plagiarism is illegal. Don't just sit there and do nothing, get the law involved.
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    Everyone here, both the projects were done by me and an another friend who was mostly my project partner.
    The first project, we even worked in writing a complete research paper but didn't get time to publish it since both of our internship started and who focussed on our placement.
    Meanwhile, this fucktard seeked my friend for this paper as reference and we both knew him well and didn't expected this to happen, and he sent it to him. He must have just changed the name and submitted it.

    For the second one, again both of us built it together and it was our final year project. To be honest, that wasn't even something that deserved a paper. We had an idea(was a really complex problem statement), referred someone's code which provided as a bootstrap and added our analysis and changes that we delivered at the end. And again this guy published a paper with the same title that we did for our final year project.
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    @github Still, you both reserve every single right on these papers/projects. You can sue him if you want to.
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    Both me and my project partner never thought about all these. we didn't have license because none of us has ever seen this level of being cheap.
    We shared our implementation and even draft paper with him because he seemed to be interested and wanted to learn too.
    Since, the first project for which even the draft paper was ready, but since we couldn't publish, it can't even considered plagiarism since he submitted without ours getting published.

    And the 2nd project, which was not that great, though many had hopes with it. Even my department wanted to apply patent for it(neither me nor my partner knows how it deserved a patent) but how can he simply submit a paper on which we worked. We shared the final year project report with him (and it's common here to share reports among classmates for using as reference on formatting and contents)
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    @github You dont realize that everything you create originally is ALWAYS protected by copyright. Its the law.
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    From now on, I will be very particular with sharing any work of mine with anyone in the world. Whether it's my best friend or my worst enemy.


    He enjoyed his college life doing nothing, sleeping and having fun with girls, and me and my partner worked hard every day of the college to get things done and learn throughout our 4 years and how is he taking the credits of publishing these projects.

    The main motive behind him doing this is that he gets into one of the best Universities for MS preferably Ivy League ones. I hope all his fake claims get caught there and he is thrown out of the college.
    You can fake your intelligence to some people, not me, not my project partner and not also good professors there.
    I hope you see how difficult it is to learn all those tons of stuffs we worked day in day out. And you get smashed out of University for claiming papers you published that you don't even know what they mean.
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    Thanks everyone for the support.

    Currently, I haven't thought of suing him yet. I will take some time to cool down and make a decision then.
    I am super pissed off and angry now.
    *I would actually punch him if he comes near to me now*

    Won't be a good call to make a wise decision in this state.
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    The guy is clearly an asshole. But he is playing by the game well.

    The world is fucked, it’s unfair, it’s unjust, it’s corrupt, and people like this guy can, and do, win, all the time. Look at the US president.
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    @SSDD yeah that's the most sad part of it.
    This guy got excellent communication skills and has a very strong English too. People often think he knows a lot.
    I still remember he claimed he knows 20 programming languages on the first day intro of our college life.
    Now, I know that he doesn't even know 1 properly.
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    Break his knees. With a baseball bat.

    The world is unfair, show it to him.
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    Damn. This guy provides hieghts of fake résumé.

    He even added that he developed say 'X' at one of the renowned University multidisciplinary Project Team.
    Wtf, when he joined and left the team, I was the head of the domain on which he was working. And he never developed 'X'. He was one of the worst candidate that we later asked to leave.
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    Wasn't able to read full thread yet, but even with no license, by default that's still a copyright. If you had any version control on it, then you have dates for the code and paper before he does. You can write to or call whoever he published through saying the work was stolen. Even if you "showed it to him", any reputable paper wouldn't want to keep a thief. And if they do, you can expose them.
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    @insanealec thanks, very well explained.
    I will have a look at it.
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    Fuck that guy and Sue him!
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    I'm with @azous
    Here's a little song to get in the mood 😄
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    There's no harm in sharing with the world. It can often even help with legal cases, because a public page/repository dated before the copy adds to proving you were the original author.

    Just be sure to include all authors names and an appropriate license to everything you publish.

    In this case, I would look for a copyright cease & desist letter template, and send it. Give the person a way out, offering to not seek further legal action if they remove it from their resume and stop claiming it as their own. A little bit of scary legal talk is often enough to resolve a case like this.
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    By no means should you dox anyone and I am not advocating it but for the love of god share his GitHub.
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    Thanks again everyone for providing suggestions and supporting me.

    I have thought about it since last 2 days, and for now, I am not suing him. It was just a simple college project. May be the best shit project among all the other shit projects of my time. Indeed a hard time, and to be honest, I admired how smart and intelligent that classmate was. Always ready to talk at any stage with full confidence. But, now I know him better.

    As a positive note, I am taking this thing as a great learning lesson for myself. And as adviced, will do share my work but through proper medium like github or open research paper draft sharing sites like researchgate.
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    @github But please do send him a warning.
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    @github Everything you create is automatically under the All rights reserved space.
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    Use edit dates to proof you and your friend are the original writers, than rape him in court
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    This really hit a nerve since my ex-best friend and roommate did the same thing to me. Just sue his ass.
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