What do you think of Web Standards? (#nomigrations) Seeing that everything becomes more standardized motivates me to learn more web development.

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    Which standards? Like W3C, ECMA, ...?
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    - Web dev has standards
    - Web devs don’t use standards (or a lot of them)
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    @lucaspar webcomponents.org for example. Not entirely sure what these are exactly. I'm talking about those standards, which will be implemented in all major browsers, and are usable already by using polyfills.
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    @Ederbit according to their "Getting Started" page, web componentes make use of web standards. These standards appear to be mainly the WHATWG ( whatwg.org ).

    Concerning WHATWG, I think it is a great thing, because it allows the web to continuously evolve (as they are "living standards"), but with guarantees of code quality and compatibility due to the process of acceptance of new solutions. The backing of Apple, Google, Mozilla and MS is great for their maintenance and legitimacy as well.

    Even though we often think web development is chaotic, if the building blocks of the components we use are not well established, nothing reliable could ever be built upon. Plus, standardization means that - ideally - browsers with different engines will behave very much alike when executing the same code. That means a reduced development cost and stress. Ofc this is not always true, as standards do not cover everything, but is a good start.
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    @lucaspar Thanks for clarifying :)

    Is this sort of new or has this been existing eversince and I didn't know about it? If it's new, do you think there's gonna be less frameworks in the future?
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    @Ederbit WHATWG is from 2004. W3C is even older and ECMAScript dates from the 90s as well - standards have always been around and are not constraints, but much more like paved roads in a wild west. The number of frameworks is likely to keep going up with more development in the area.
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