Me: *turns computer off*
Windows: Configuring updates for 2 hours, DONT TURN OFF THE COMPUTER!!!

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    I thought it was on boot up

    Should be..
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    @growling On boot it sometimes writes a couple (like 30k) registry keys, but the long takin stuff is on power off
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    Mine takes like a minute/two minutes to do your average updates. And this on a five year old Core i5 machine. SSD is a must.
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    @RememberMe I have an SSD and a Core i7, usualy takes like 3 minutes to update but this update is probably broken (>2 hours for the second time aleredy)
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    When you realize that in those 2 hours you could download ubuntu, flash it into your USB drive, live-boot it, install, boot the system, download and install all the updates, configure your entire DEV env and still have like 30 extra minutes for a nap (within the mentioned 2 hours span) :)

    meeeh, but why bother, right? :)
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    @netikras I use unity so nope. Takes waaaay longer to install dat
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    @WIPocket too bad. It takes <20 minutes for me to install LinuxMint with all the updates :) Another 10 minutes to download iso and prepare bootable usb
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