never ever working on a VB or .Net project again... ever.

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    I swear never ever
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    VB no

    C hastag with .net yes
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    @jespersh so C+=3 ?

    C# == (C++)++
    C#++ == C+=3
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    Only .NET Core the rest is absolute garbage (coming from a Java guy)
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    True ... Hate the .net stack. I ask myself all the time ... That why ... Why the hell would someone work on this.
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    C# - Yes
    VB - Burn it with fire
    F# - Yes daddy, yes!
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    @terimaaki I'm always curious about what people don't like about .NET. The only thing that really bugs me about it is how verbose MS is with their namespacing. Other than that, IMO, C# is a rather friendly OO language, which is packed full of features like async, and tuple assignment/deconstruction.
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    Scala. Leverage the JVM (mightn't have a choice anyway!). Work using principled and local reasoning using the functional paradigm while enjoying some object-oriented flexibility. I won't ever go back to working with imperative code.
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    @tullo-x86 the dealbreaker for normal .NET for me personally is that it requires VS as IDE and comes with humongous packages. I've also spent most of my time with fixing path errors in Windows, so it's not the language per se, but much rather the environment you use for development.
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    @frickerg I would recommend looking at our lord and saviour JetBrains Rider.
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    Visual Studio Code
    (There go i saved your life)
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    How do i fav somebodys else comment?
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    I accomplished this by removing all of the technologies I hate working on from my resume - and when asked about if I know them or not... I simply say "no". When people inquire of the gaps in my resume resulting from this - I just say "I was a missionary" - works so far... the questions tend to end there.
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    @Gregozor2121 been using it for many .NET Core and Angular projects
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    But but but.. VB is awesome!!
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