I was on an 8h bus ride yesterday, and thought "Hey, I take my Laptop with me, then I can do some tech." Normally I have my Laptop on a docking station, and use a nice big keyboard. End of the story; thinking of using the small Laptop keyboard demotivated me so much, that I didn't do anything but sleeping on the bus. Am I the only one who doesn't like small Laptops?

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    It's more the layout of the keyboard that's an issue for me. On the right hand side of my work laptop is a column with: home; page up; page down; end. I rely on knowing the right most keys being return and shift, it stops me using it off the dock - don't remember the last time it left my desk now.
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    luckily i have laptop with full size keyboard. Keyboard+numpad. Its just great and couldnt live without it. Also backlight is a must for me.
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