I have just concluded a post-mortem on one of my servers.
Cause of death: out of memory due to a tiny memory leak in a VPN service triggered by 66 different IPs brute-forcing the creds at the same time. Mostly from China, of course.

Dear bot writers: you made me put aside my spaghetti and write iptables rules. I hate iptables. And I love spaghetti. You should be ashamed of yourself! Did momma not teach you basic OpSec? Don't crash the target and never, ever, interrupt the sysadmin during dinner!

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    At first I thought you handled your routing with spaghetti code 😅
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    me too haha 😄
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    Wow, it does sound like that. Did not see that. 😂
    Although, to be fair, the iptables rules on that server are the equivalent of spaghetti code. Some from UFW, some manual and some from an old script, written by someone I haven't heard from in years 😅
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    iptables... wew
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    No one interrupts sysadmin with spaghetti! Bots can be very frustrating. IP tables though?
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