We have a group slack chat for my class which was intended to be a space for asking questions about assignments and getting help from your peers. Instead it has become a dick measuring contest in there where guys who know very little can act all high and mighty about their (plain wrong, in some instances) facts they're distributing without care. It pisses me off so much seeing how toxic it has become in there. It's the same 5 guys using it to bully each other and God forbid anyone else asks a question, they'll be mocked for not being confident handing in a solution they aren't sure is right. Why can't people treat each other with respect? We're in school to LEARN. Not impress other students with how much (read: little) we know. GJ, guys. You created a smaller version of stack overflow.

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    Could always start another channel if it doesn't improve
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    @beegC0de considered it. But it wouldn't exactly be fair to exclude anyone and I doubt most of the class are bothered enough about it to be willing to move to another chat. Oh well.
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    I've witnessed this exact behaviour with a worrying trend on other undergrad courses - it really is ridiculous.

    If it's any consolation, the big-headed guys are usually the ones that come unstuck later, and almost everyone will have the same negative opinion of them. Keep your head down, work hard, and ask questions of people you trust rather than on that slack group, and I'm sure you'll go far.
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    @Elyz you can force invite people to a channel.
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