just wondering... Am I the only one that likes the old Windows 95/98 graphic style? I find very simple and professional... I like old OSes GUI

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    no I liked it myself, it's not as bloated as os are now
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    Nope, I still run the Windows Classic theme on Windows 7. I wish it was still a thing, but I understand they can't keep it in there forever.
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    @drRoss true... Most of the users pretend new graphic styles
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    I actually really like the direction W10 is heading. When I started with CSS back in the late 90s it was with a very minimalist style. I find the white space and typography refreshing ... but I'm a fan of those things.

    I do like Google's take on it with a material design as well. A bit of depth goes a long way.

    Was never a super fan of the Win classic look. My brother, on the other hand, always switches to that.
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    @mhall while I like the Google's material design, I dont like very much the Windows 10 one
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    @altermind Totally understand. My biggest issue with the current Win10 interface is the still visually jarring mix between legacy applications and the new style. Most notably when it comes to iconography.

    But I find MS's implementations (such as Photos or the Action Center) visually pleasing and nice to interact with.
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