Can I just point out how awesome SideFX houdini is!?
It allows you to create (procedurally generate) 3D models using a method that is half coding and half 3D modeling. Kind of the way I'd want blender to work, but 10 times better.

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    Is it free?
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    Houdini is great yeah, there's talk of adding the everything-nodes approach to Blender too, because Houdini really makes it possible to do some absolutely crazy shit.

    Aside: I've actually met Mark Elendt, one of the people behind Houdini and a really nice dude.
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    @Gregozor2121 There is a free/student/hobby license, which allows you to use the program in almost its full capacity, but you get a houdini watermark in your renders (and in the interface there is a "non-commercial version" watermark on some of the backgrounds).
    I think they want you to start paying for it once you start using it professionally :)
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    @TempestasLudi fair enough

    It seems to be the thing I was looking for. Thx for the info.
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    However, it does need shitload of resources (had I think 32 core(?) Mac with 65GB of RAM running hot) and it'll break your bank as soon as you need more than the free version.

    But it is a state of the art suite that basically all professional CGI artists use as far as I know. Also has a basically vertical learning curve
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    @gathurian Learning is a bit hard, but after some trial and error, and using https://youtu.be/R-Z3WnRrp7o, I finally had a good enough understanding of subnetworks and other things to be able to do interesting stuff ^^
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