Getting closer and closer to my dream setup!

What I want: powerful enough computer for some general gaming + IDE + shitloads of terminals with 6 screens running a Linux distro.

What I have: powerful enough computer which can run quite some games and handle my IDE + shitloads of terminals. Runs Linux already but still have to order 3 screens.

Nearly there 💜

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    Out of curiosity, which IDE are you using?
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    @Condor Netbeans all the way!
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    I just want a laptop that can handle 2 screens with displayport and a hdmi port to mount a 42' tv on top of my two screens.
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    u building a command center? I can't imagine why you need that many screens unless you want to be constantly distracted?
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    Remember to include an UPS with a big enough capacity to power everything when its on. :-)

    And an upgraded electrical socket to plug it into.

    Personally I'd recommend an addon battery pack weighing half a ton or something, so you can keep working during short power cuts.
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    I'd love to see a picture of the setup with 6 screens 😍

    BTW, do you game on Windows or Linux? And which games?
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    @rithvikp Linux, windows is not getting on my devices! (even if that would severely limit my ability to work).

    Spec ops the line, wolfenstein the new order, to name a few :)
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    I have the exact same goal as you, and i have a way too powerful computer and 3 screens
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    @linuxxx If you don't know what to put on one of your monitor once your setup is complete, I found that tool that might interest you: https://github.com/GitSquared/...

    (Haven't tested it yet)
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    @Jilano Oh awesome, thanks!

    @notmeoryou For now KDE Neon (am a big KDE plasma fan), looking into Subgraph OS and Qubes, though.
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    @linuxxx sorry for hijacking the post but what rom are you using for your phone? I’m switching from my iPhone to a android phone but I don’t want to run google stuff on my phone. Thin foil hat on :)
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    @Rollo Don't worry, that has nothing to do with tinfoil hat stuff, looking at what big corporations like Google get away with!

    I'd go for Lineage or a rom based on lineage :) currently using the stock rom myself because my phone does not have a custom rom available but I did remove anything I could find related to Google from my phone!

    If you'd need/want additional help, let me know :D
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    @linuxxx I have my eyes on the oneplus 6 but there’s no official release of lineage yet but maybe there’s no big difference to the unofficial release. I need the app for my bank so I might try Yalp store to download from the play store have you tried it? Or do you just download stuff from F-droid?
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    @Rollo Yalp store is my go-to actually! (when stuff isn't available on fdroid).

    Have you looked on the XDA site as for roms?
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    @linuxxx good to know :) Yeah I browsed over there and found a release of lineage 15.1 and also release for the upcoming los 16 so I think I’ll buy the op6 since it on sale now with Black Friday. Thanks for the help!
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    @Rollo Np! Feel free to mention if any more questions arise or help is needed 😁
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