what is wrong with this world

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    Ignorance and an inability/unwillingness to Google things.
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    Come on - it doesn't say 3-8 years of experience with React, it says 3-8 years of experience. If you've worked with front-end for that much and have also worked with React for some time, you should be fit.
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    You can show this very image to the person who did it and they will still not understand what the problem is.

    @kamen That's a possibility, but not sure what was intended.
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    >ask for react developer
    >still puts Js
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    possibility is high AF
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    @devTea A recruiter asked me about my skills once, where I said I'm fullstack these days and mostly use Vue for the two different user apps. He asked me if I "had heard of" wordpress and if I "had ever tried" js.

    Can't say I have, but I'm a fast learner!
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    @ltlian "Are you comfortable with this 'Window OS system' that is trending nowadays?"
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    Classic like searching for 20yo people with 30 years of experience
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    I saw a posting where they asked for experience in object oriented languages like C and C++
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    I wonder whether jobs posting like this happens only in India or is this universal thing?
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    jon titor is real
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    @scorpionk definitely universal
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    @scorpionk it's universal. No matter where you are in the world. HR is just HR.
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    Yeah, I know! It’s freaking ridiculous 🤦‍♂️
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