Just got into WebP images.
What's your experience with them?
Is it worth the effort?

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    Just today I sent this into a group chat:
    ".webp is just an all-around useless format. (fight me ;P)"
    I just see no advantage in it and it's incompatible with some image openers/editors. So why not just use jpg/png?
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    The compression is fucking insane. You have to compare it! It's like 25% less
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    @Skayo So? When have you last used a device where storage space is an issue, especially for images?
    (Well, I still do, it's a phone model from 2013, but I'll buy a new one very soon.)
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    Not supported on mozilla/safari
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    I mean for websites. Not for storing them
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    @Fabian WebP is especially useful for storing lots of images for things like a smaller social media network or a blog with lots of articles. Remember, web space might just be limited.
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    Its not about storage space, its about bandwidth. And more compression is always great in that regard.
    Also there are services like cloudinary which autodetect if the user agent supports webp. Otherwise they fall back to something else
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