So a company I'm working at has this internal product. I just got employed and was put into that team.

"First task: refactor some of the code"

Alright, I start refactoring. Oh I may need to write a small class for this one. And then rewrite this a bit. And then rewrite that a bit. And then rewrite everything.

"Why are you rewriting most of my code?"

oh i would not have needed to do so if your code was not COMING OUT OF YOUR ASS and if all the teams had FREAKING PROPER API DOCUMENTATION

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    Making friends I see?
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    Wonder why you have that username
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    @sjw-brah LOL.

    for real tho, he's a really good person. it's just really tiring to have to rewrite an entire system because everything is tightly coupled and all his classes and methods are 'static' and his login() function would also apparently do 10 other things. but i'm really trying my best to be a better colleague by peacefully and lovingly showing him the right way. compassionate coding <3
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    "Because you took a mental laxative prior to writing this crap"
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    @Root wow that's nasty!!!
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    Have to say this .. After reading some of the stories here, I'm wondering what my job will have me do and to deal with "people" and the said "people" code🙄
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    Forgot to mention. He uses Intellij ultimate. Me, too. So when I opened it up, intellij was giving suggestions to A LOT of refactoring. I cannot comprehend why he doesnt do them.
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    Told a manager I had to refactor some code. There were globals and gotos in there - I HAD to get rid of them. They were like "yeah I put those in there..." Awkward silence ensued
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