So the company I work for had a critical project they needed done in 8 days.
We told our boss it wasn't possible because of the scope of the project but he went on with motivational speeches about how anything is possible. So he hired 12 devs for 8 days.
The scope of the project is already big enough but everyday upper management either add 10 new features, modify 2, or delete some already.
We basically sleep 2 hours a day and today is the last day. 5 minutes ago we just had a meeting that we're supposed to change a core feature. We don't even have a stable system yet and everyone is fucking pissed.

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    @mr-monkey keep us posted :D
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    I am so sorry, but I am sure that you had this end clear 8 days ago. I am sure this is not your error, but the managers mistake. Don't let them blame you.
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    @tomtom2770 So the supervisor is having sex tonight while we break our backs trying to deploy tomorrow morning
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    @mr-monkey ..

    how did u find that last info?
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    @SukMikeHok The company provided accommodation for us during the duration of the project so we're all in the same building

    I share a room with him and he just asked me if I have anything in the room because he'll be bringing people over so I have to sleep somewhere else
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    @mr-monkey dude are you working for a startup? whoever is leading that company seems to be the worst entrepreneur i saw by now, those people fail really soon unless he used his daddys money to fund the whole company. how old is the ceo? supervisor is a team leading engineer or what? tell me more about your supervisor
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    Time to stage a classic walkout. Those are inhumane conditions and you'll end up getting blamed for a shitty product. Walk out to save your reputations. Organize the whole group of devs to walk out in protest and demand better conditions or leave.
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    @jeeper agreed. this shit is inhumane and you should not do this to yourself. And the "go sleep somewhere else, I wanna have sex" part: what the actual fuck. OP, get the hell out of there
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    Is funny how some companies work. Then they are asking why the developers leave.
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    When your boss becomes a clown, it's time to stop taking him seriously.
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    You should have fun as well. This shit was never supposed to be taken seriously. Chill Out.
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    I've said this before never start a project without a spec doc
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    Agile... you are doing it wrong!
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    This looks suitable.
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