Anyone got some special tips to get the top place on Google advertising? I already try to pay more, somehow my client still end up second

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    Try Lighthouse SEO.
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    If they get a better clickthrough rate, they could get a bump in standings, even if they pay less.

    Google rates it as more relevant.

    Therefore you must convert at a high percentage to compete.
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    @rant1ng well I see them above the advertisement of my client
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    @MisterArie yes I was saying.. Maybe they are getting a better clickthrough rate... Therefore being ranked higher
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    @rant1ng aah so I should click more
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    @MisterArie if you could click more successfully, I'll buy it from you lol
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    @rant1ng did you sleep well?
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    @MisterArie I got three hours in.

    In addicted to coding and my project atm

    The code I wrote was so good, extended so much of my product, I can't stop thinking about it and the possibilities

    I might offer it as a package.

    Still though, I should get more sleep, was just checking in to see if I got any orders lol
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    @rant1ng such passion is great, loving it
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    @rant1ng did you mention what kind of thing/product/api/rocket you where developing
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    @MisterArie all marketing tools. I needed a way to perform split tests on views so I could increase conversions. But I needed that to integrate into a campaign tracker, and I needed all THAT to integrate into an affiliate sales tracker.

    So I found a way to do all three at once by making the campaign tracker abstract, general purpose.

    Now I can figure out which outside sources trigger actions and sales what view did they like most, and what affiliate sent it in, all while allowing said affiliate to track outside traffic sources of their own.

    In three days.

    Pretty proud of it.

    I think it can be a package that could integrate with any project but of course im sure that becomes a hassle if I did it.
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