Why can‘t you just bring overmatch to Mac so i don’t have to deal with awful windows...

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    You're complaining because you're putting software on a machine it's not made for and it's not working?

    Alright then.
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    @Stuxnet Its called bootcamp. It’s officially build in and supported
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    @bcye Bootcamp just means you can install multiple os's on the same drive, not that apples hardware drivers for windows work flawlessly.
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    @K1ngjulien well apple installs the drivers and everything for you and it is officially supported to install windows on macs.

    That you buy a windows machine neither guarantees that it works flawlessly
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    Windows works better in a VM on a Mac than it does in a real computer.

    Long live Apple!
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    Windows crashes are the most of time caused by a problem in drivers...
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    @jAsE-Official at least I'm not charged 999$ for fixing it in an Apple store :D
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    @Stuxnet Windows wasn’t made for a specific hardware
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    u should scan the qr code!
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    Um, why is nobody talking about the fact the screen of death is orange?
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    @DrPitLazarusprobably something to do with video drivers, not because "I'm already Tracer" simulator (yes I had to reference it"
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    @Stuxnet Windows 10 works amazing well on a MacBook. You no longer even need MacOS or Bootcamp. You can remove ALL the crap and install Windows 10 from USB and drivers will install automatically.

    A MacBook is an amazing Windows machine and this post is pure horseshit.
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    @intromatt since I installed it one month ago I had 3 serious issues taking 5 hours to fix? What makes you believe this is horse shit?
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    @bcye You have a hardware or an obscure driver problem and are blaming it on Windows. Ask someone who knows what they're doing to help.

    Expecting you soon to post a photo of Windows 10 rebooting while updating. Don't let me down.
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    @intromatt no I won’t. I had some issues on my old Mac too. I already asked Windows support,
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    @bcye Good luck, etc.
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