Im thinking...
Overclock the laptop screen to 120hz or just buy a new screen thats 120hz and then overclock to 144hz or just go all in and buy 144hz screen.

HMMMM hard decision but i think you know what i will choose since im Haxk20.

Ouuu fuck yeah lets try overclocking it ffs !!!!!!!

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    seriously, do you see a difference between Hzs above 80? Or is this just bcz you can overclock it?

    Because honestly I don't.
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    @netikras Actually some people can see the difference. For me difference between 60 and lets say 100 is actually huge and you can see it like with 30vs 60 so yeah it makes sense. And yeah i just want to overclock but later i will buy the screen surely
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    Got any guides to screen OCing?
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    Im not sure that will work a 100% man, maybe if you already got a laptop with panel that can oc to 75-100. Otherwise you might be wanting to pick up a new laptop soon
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    @netikras coding on 144 hz here, makes me a better programmer 😂
    In all seriousness tho, for me it makes a massive difference, and now physically hurts to do stuff on a 60hz display
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    @netikras it seems to differ from person to person, but pilots can for example see changes up to 250 fps.
    Also based on some tests made by gamers on 200+ Hz monitors, they say you can't really see the difference, but you can feel it. Like everything is much smoother or smth along those lines.
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    I wanted to reply but I was in a hurry.
    Anyhow, in theory there is always a difference, and even though the difference may not be instantly noticable to an untrained eye, it is generally pleasing to have higher hertz.
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    Found the link that people are referencing, https://quora.com/What-is-the-highe...
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    60 is nice. 120 is perfect. More is *overkill*.
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    I have a 144hz display overclocked to 165hz.
    It's wonderful ~

    My second is 60hz. It's SO SKIPPY! 😫
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    50 gives me a headache
    60 is awful
    92 is easier on the eyes, but clunky for moving objects.
    120 is nice
    144 is smooth and wonderful
    165 is just gorgeous
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    @Root I *DO* count anything > 20FPS as "playable", so either my tastes are loose or everyone else is uptight :P
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    @irene I need 60 fps to get the best feeling of games because when its at 45 fps its just laggy for my eyes. 60 is kind of smooth but fuck when i saw the game on 120hz screen it was AMAZING.
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    @Haxk20 120 and above is godlike, mate. Buying a FreeSync 144Hz panel was the best upgrade I did to my rig in a looong time
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    @Avyiel Yeah i have FreeSync panel in my laptop right now. Sadly it isnt supported in linux yet and we are waiting for 5.0 RC builds since those should have the patches in hopefully. As HDMI 2 patches too. Excited as a small kid for both of them actually.
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    @Haxk20 you're gonna have a great time when that sweet RC comes out, man. Enjoy :)
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    @irene oh no, definitely the speed. I played around with freesync on and off, and since my graphics card never goes over 144 or bellow 90 (Vega 64), I can be pretty sure it's the refresh rate.
    You can see it even on the Windows desktop, for example. The mouse ghosts on 60Hz panels and 144Hz equally, but the extra frames on the 144Hz make it much better and more bearable
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    @irene "* by very pro gamers"

    Nah, the actual thing is the better the frequency is the less it's going to hurt your eyes.
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