Since I got my 100mbit/s down and 25 up connection I noticed that some servers aren't even sending over a 30mbit/s. Is it me or have some of you the same issue?

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    Of course. Plenty of sites are subject to speed caps enforced by their hosts or their hosts' ISPs. But there are countless other reasons.
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    But then you may not be getting the speeds as advertised. You may get "upto" 100 Mbps
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    For most sites it doesn't make sense to offer you more bandwidth than needed to load content faster than you can recognize a difference. A common problem with hipster sites is that they load from a hundred servers so latency or one slow element (mostly advertising) becomes a big problem.
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    Yup. I have 1gb down/up, and I notice that the same thing happens. I am guess that some servers are on 100mb pipes, so ymmv.
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