Been reading for a while now, finally frustrated enough to add my rant...

Backing up my home server with Veeam to finally ditch raid 5 and add some space. 38% finished when we had to leave for a Thanksgiving dinner. Thought that was perfect because I'd come home to a finished backup, install the new drives and get Plex/webserver back up and running. Nope. Win 10 decides to update and reboot in the middle of my freaking backup at 79% complete. Now, I've just told the friends and family I was with to expect the outage in the next hour or two thinking I was ready. Nope. Start all over again. None of this is truly important, really... But Jesus, that's annoying.

Win 10, you have a special place in hell. And Veeam, as much as I love you, you can be right beside them for not letting me run backup console on Linux.

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    @irene thanks. I'm aware of it, but I boot into windows so rarely at home it just didn't even cross my mind.
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