CEO - So... We'll have a new side project, it's a small thing, I spoke with a guy, he needs just a small thing...
Me - Ok....... So, what do you need me for?
CEO - Not much, this guy started a project but wants your help on a small part, and you already did something similar for us, so it should be fast, just copy and paste and change a little bit. You probably know better than me.
Me - *Sigh* ... So `friend`, what do you need from me?
Friend - So, I made a crawler that is storing some information on a local file, I just need to add multiprocessing and multithreading, a producer-consumer system with a queue so I can automatically add new links every now and then, a failback system, so when a process doesn't finish, it should be re-queued and crawled later, store all the information on a database cluster (that is not set up), [......]
Me - And when is this supposed to be up and running?
Friend - Your CEO told me you could do this by the weekend. Can we finish this by Friday?
Me - *facepalm* FML

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    sounds awfully familiar
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    I still don't have many experiences, but been on the industry for long enough that I have read a lot of people complaining about similar stuff! I guess it's what happens when your boss / manager looks at software development / engineering like those hacking movies where they just press keys and stuff shows up ahah
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    Oh, and I forgot to rant about the most important part!

    Me - So, you're using GIT?
    Friend - Oh, I use SVN
    Me - *Sobbing* ... Please ... No
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    say no. That's more than a favour.
    That sounds like 30 000 dollar upwards work.
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    @rui902 my boss was a developer himself and I hear the exact same things in a daily basis.
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    I'm a young guy, learning the hard way that a No is actually needed some times. I tend to say yes to everything and everyone, I just love helping.
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    @imerljak Damn, a developer boss doing that... Never imagined. Out of curiosity, does he even help, or just throw stuff for you to do?
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    The ideia that a simple copy paste should work in a completely different code base amazes me.. It's more than stupidity for a person that works in the software industry.
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    @imerljak The guy is not from software industry _per se_ , but, after two years of seeing how stuff works, it should be at least logical to ask me first.
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    @rui902 just throw stuff currently.. And dabbles with database stuff sometimes.
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    @imerljak Plus, what he was talking about was a completely different type of crawler I had built, different language (Java VS Python); Although I'm far more comfortable now with Python than Java, the point was that it was because of the framework that was doing big part of what we wanted, and the way it worked, was completely different... Never in my life I would even use the same approach on the two projects!
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    To play devil's advocate, usually (not always) managers do this shit because devs don't say "no. We can't do that." Instead they tend to say something like, "man that's going to be pushing it" or the classic "okay..."
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    @ChaoticGoods I think I agree , but cannot speak for everyone. Definitely my case
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