> be me
> i'm a junior dev
> i use C# at work
> frontend guy left
> now i use C# and Angular
> boss hired a data analyst
> data analyst created R script for his work
> implement this script to our services
> script doesn't work
> i have no idea of R
> i need to fix it
> pleashelp.png

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    ... shouldn't this be a rant?
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    Never, ever, ever take what data science people give you and put it in production.
    Make them explain it via documentation and then implement the logic in the supported languages of production.
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    And now you are learning stuff.
    Take this as an opportunity to learn how to learn.
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    I gave him the output i create and the input he should use

    He used different input and didn’t adjust his code to mine

    Now i have to do it.
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    @woops nope, send it back on failed code review as did not use the correct parameters. Once you start dealing with “crap thrown over the wall” it never ends.
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    Take that code, throw it in a container (docker) and tell em to fix his shit till that works and use that as a service to your front end. (Host the container aside)

    Or find something to generate wrappers from R to C#. If that exists.
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    I love these kind of things. It's great to build pressure and learn a lot of things in less time.

    Im a junior dev, too.
    Started with angularJs,
    then angular 6,
    then .NET MVC,
    then Angular 6, again,
    now PHP.

    Loving this enormous amount of knowledge I'm acquiring.
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    "You should be flexible to work on any technology"..

    That's what I heard frequently by my manager
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    @AnonymousCoder That person is a moron and you need to change teams for the sake of your sanity.
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