My company started to do very unethical things (or maybe even break the law – I'm no expert) in order to cover up some business people fuckups. I'm seriously considering quitting immediately even though I hoped to stay here for some time as I like the people I work with. It's those unimaginative bastards at the top that make it unbearable.

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    Don't worry. If you like your current team as friends I think there's a good chance you'll keep in touch later.

    I also had experience with horrible management, causing overtimes, burnout and stress. But this very bad experience is what brought us together. And now, after quitting 2 years ago, all of us are on our seperate ways - but we still get together regularly and laugh about these unpleasant times.
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    If it were me, I'd certainly start actively looking, but I wouldn't hand my notice in until I'd found somewhere else. You want to be out of there ASAP, but no point in leaving yourself short in the meantime.
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    I'd contact your integrity officer if the company is large enough to have one.
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