What's ninja coding actually??
As a developer is it good or bad for his/her career??

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    AFAIK this term is use in two scenarios (along with rockstar developer, and guru):

    - The company is proud of it's employee and describes them as such.

    - The company is using the term in job ads, looking for experts who are willing to work for underpaid wages
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    @ananaszjoe I was gonna say the same thing (point #2) because that's the only time I've seen the term used tbh.
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    @sergiolarosa89 seems to same here.

    I have read one from here,


    and really it felt cool while reading it.

    but later searched on internet about ninja coding then found some positive and negative feedback about it.
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    "What's ninja coding actually??"

    Nothing. It's a stupid meaningless buzzword marketing term. Just forget about it whenever you see it.
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