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    Well that could work as long as there is internet on the plane xd
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    @crapped But military drones?
    They're quite reliable.
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    @ilikeglue Ever been on 3G network underground. It's the same very unreliable

    @Root As reliable as putting people and guns on the automated drone??? I think that's the very reason they use them just for reconnaissance.
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    Air planes are on cruise mode most of the time during a flight, if we can get AI to do the take-off and landing bit, then technically we don't need a pilot rather an IT guy sitting in the cockpit lol
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    @Mitiko but they are already equipped equipped with hellfires? (missiles)

    They don't carry passengers, but they also aren't designed to. They're built to maximize flying hours between resupply.
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    Isn't that the point of AI?
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    You know it's gonna be good when there is a lol in the caption
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